MMRRC-UNC Health Reports

The MMRRC at UNC is committed to maintaining high quality standards in animal care by the implementation of our animal health program. We monitor the health of our animals via routine and extensive testing for excluded agents.

Health reports are available to all customers as PDF’s and are updated as soon as new results are available.

  • If you have placed an order, a current health report will be sent to you as soon as it is available. If you have any questions regarding your order, please email
  • If you need a health report to place an order, please click on one of the Health Report links below.


pdf_icon.png MMRRC-UNC Production Colony Health Report
This report summarizes the results of tests performed on surrogate, cull and sentinel mice from all rooms in the MMRRC-UNC barrier-maintained production suite.  This document is updated quarterly on the website.


pdf_icon.pngMMRRC-UNC Production Facility Description
This document provides a detailed description of our production facility as well as shipping instructions.


pdf_icon.pngMMRRC-UNC Animal Health Program
This document provides a detailed description of our Sentinel program, testing methods and frequency.


Please email with any questions regarding these documents.