UNC Rodent Services

UNC Chapel Hill supports a diverse array of phenotyping and genetic services for the mouse research community:

Collaborative Cross Mouse Resource
• CC Mice and Genotypes
• Computational Genomics Tools
• High Density Genotyping

Animal Model Generation
• Transgenic mouse models
• Knock-out mice/ ES Cell Targeting
• CRISPR/Cas9 mediated mouse engineering
• Transgenic and Knock-out rats

Gnotobiotic Model Generation
• Germ-free Mice and Rats
• Selectively Colonized Strains
• Specialized Diets
• Gavage Feeding
• Rectal Instillation
• Bone Marrow/HSC Transplant
• IP injections of Immune Cells
• Intestinal Surgury
• Tissue collection

Animal Clinical Chemistry & Gene Expression
• Blood Chemistry
• Urinalysis
• Hematology
• Real-Time RTPCR

Animal Histopathology and Histology Research
• Frozen and Paraffin Histology (Processing, embedding, sectioning, H&E and other staining)
• Vibratome Sectioning for EM
• IHC and ISH
• Pathology Consulation

General Animal Studies
• Aseptic Surgery
• Orthotopic Injections
• Tumor Passage
• Tissue/Blood Studies
• Intra-Cardiac (and other) Injections
• IVIS imaging

Rodent Cardiovascular and Transplant Advanced Surgical Models
• Heterotopic Heart, Renal, Liver, Pancreatic, Small Bowel, Esophageal/Tracheal, Unterine Horn, Transplantation
• Aortic (Vascular) Graft Transplantation
• Free Composite Tissue Vascularized Transplantation (both standard and custom-designed models)
• Large-Vessel Electrolytic Injury, Collagen Induction, Mechanical Injury, Microvessel Laser Injury
(with intravital fluorescence imaging and quantitative data analysis)
• Microvessel, Carotid Artery Ferric Chloride Injury
• Inferior Vena Cava Ligation (either total or partial ligation)
• Saphenous Vein Laser Puncture or Stab Puncture Haemostasis Assay
• Tail/Microvessel Bleed Assay (with intravital fluorescence imaging)

Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping
• General Behavior Measures
• Home Cage Behavior
• Neurobehavioral Reflexes and Motor Function
• Sensory Tasks
• Anxiety, Depression-Related and Repetitive Behaviors
• 3-Chamber Social Approach
• Learning and Memory
• Sensorimotor Gating
• Neonatal Assessment

Animal Metabolism Phenotyping
• Calorimetry
• Voluntary Running Wheel and Treadmill

Animal Imaging
• PET Imaging
• SPECT Imaging
• MicroCT Imaging
• Ultrasound Imaging
• Optical Imaging

Pre-Clinical Mouse Cancer Models
• Administering treatments (IP, IV, subQ injections; medicated chow; etc)
• Serial imaging (Ultrasound, IVIS, PET)
• Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics
• Molecular target validation
• Tissue/Blood collection