Past Events

Here are some examples of activities and events presented by MSFC during the past year. We'd love to hear from you about your interests for the upcoming year.

In 2015

IUD Insertion Workshop and Papaya MVA Demonstration - April 27, 2015

"Vessel" Screening with representatives from Ipas - April 9, 2015



MSFC Southeast Regional Meeting: How it Was, How it Is, and How it Could Be: Perspectives on Reproductive Health in the Southeast.

  • Join us at the 2010 MSFC Southeast Regional Meeting, hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine! Supplement your medical school education with lectures, discussions, and hands-on workshops with pro-choice medical students and providers from across the Southeast.

Reproductive Health in Zambia - Dr. Mutinta Lina Muyuni

    • Mutinta Lina Muyuni is a physician and graduate of the University of Zambia School of Medicine. Currently she works in the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University Teaching Hospital, the largest hospital in Zambia.
      Mutinta has always shown a keen interest in promoting the rights and well being of others. She served as a volunteer in 1996 and 1997 with Zambia Voluntary Workcamps Association to build a library in rural Mozambique and to complete a classroom block in rural Zimbabwe in partnership with Zimbabwe Workcamps Association.
      In 2000 Mutinta was one of the young people who served on the Youth Advocacy and Lobby Network as a committee member. This was a non profit organisation that served to empower youths and youth organisations in the area of advocacy and lobbying for their inclusion in various government programmes.
      At the university teaching hospital, her work includes reproductive health care of women. She is an advocate for women’s rights and is a comprehensive abortion care service provider. She has also trained and mentored other service providers who serve in primary health centres.
      Mutinta is student representative for postgraduate students specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology and actively promotes the concept that no woman should die for lack of reproductive health choices.
      She has worked with Ipas, an international NGO focused on ending death from unsafe abortion. She also works with Marie Stopes International as reproductive health care provider. She served as a committee member for Zambia Resident Doctors Association in 2008.
      In her spare time Mutinta volunteers as a member of doctors outreach care, offering family planning counselling and provision of contraception to the underprivileged women of Chilanga and Ndola Rural.

Positive Pregnancy Test Counseling

    • You have just run a pregnancy test on one of your patients and the result is positive. What will you do next? What do you need to find out from your patient, and what must you communicate to her? Learn the essential components of a positive pregnancy test consultation, from medical aspects to communication skills.

Dr. David Grimes Speaks on Politics, Power, and Procreation

    • Join Medical Students for Choice for an informative and motivating talk by our faculty advisor, Dr. David Grimes, MD, FACOG, FACPM.
      Dr. Grimes will speak from his extensive experience working in clinical obstetrics and gynecology, preventive medicine, and global health. He has served as an epidemiologist at the CDC, a faculty member at four medical schools, and is currently serving as Principal Investigator for an NIH training grant jointly administered by UNC, Duke Clinical Research Institute, and Family Health International. Dr. Grimes' research interests focus on fertility regulation, technology assessment, sexually transmitted diseases, and clinical epidemiology.
      The title of Dr. Grimes' talk will be "Politics, Power, and Procreation: How Federal Policies are Undermining Women's Reproductive Health".

Reproductive Justice and Sexual Rights

    • MS4C is co-sponsoring a talk by Loretta Ross, the national coordinator of SisterSong, entitled "Reproductive Justice and Sexual Rights".  Many departments and organizations are co-sponsoring the talk, including feminist students united, SURGE, GLBT-SA, LGBTQ Life, Committee, Ipas, Progam in Latina/o Studies, Department of African and African American Studies (here, and at Duke), Curriculum in Women's Studies, American Indian Studies, Sexuality Studies, Department of Sociology, and more.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration Techniques

    • We are excited to announce a skills workshop on first trimester manual vacuum aspiration abortion technique.  It will be the famous "papaya" workshop where you will actually be able to practice using the real equipment and fruit. It should last a couple of hours, and will be a very informative way to boost your clinical skills.

Midwifery and Home Birth Information Session

    • If a newly-pregnant patient of yours expresses interest in having a homebirth, are you going to know the facts? Are homebirths more dangerous than hospital births?  Can midwives be licensed to practice in North Carolina?  Do OB/GYNs ever work with midwives here in our state?  What kind of care does a midwife provide?  Come find out answers to these questions and more from Russ Fawcett, the Legislative Chair of the North Carolina Friends of Midwives.  He will speak on the hundreds of homebirths that occur every year in NC, and what legislative initiatives are being introduced to catch NC up with our neighboring states in certifying midwives.

Choice Movie Night

  • We'd like to invite you to our screening of “The Education of Shelby Knox”. We'll have some yummy food as well - anyone and everyone is welcome!   Description of documentary:  Check it out on IMDB
    A self-described "good Southern Baptist girl," 15-year-old Shelby Knox of Lubbock, Texas has pledged abstinence until marriage. But she becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex ed when she finds that Lubbock, where high schools teach abstinence as the only safe sex, has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs in the state.