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The North Carolina Consortium on Natural Medicines
is a nonprofit alliance whose volunteer members are drawn from the fields of health care, agriculture, business, and public policy.

The Mission of the Consortium

  • Educate consumers, growers, and health professionals about safety, efficacy, and appropriate use of herbal medicinal products
  • Help growers and processors to develop and and market herbal products
  • Promote the development of a sustainable market for herbal products grown and processed in North Carolina
  • Develop and support research projects on herbal products which will include standards, economic development, safety, efficacy, and use of herbal medicinal products.
For more information on Integrative Medicine contact: For more information on herbs and plants contact:

Susan Gaylord, Ph.D., Director
Program on Integrative Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Assistant Professor
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Phone: 919-966-8586 Fax: 919-843-0164

Jeanine M. Davis, Ph.D.
N.C. Specialty Crops Program Coordinator
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Department. of Horticultural Science
North Carolina State University
Phone: 828-684-3562 Fax: 828-684-8715