Free Clinic Services at Whitakers


Clinics are held on the first Saturday of every month from 9am-1pm. Bloomer Hill is unique in that it is a free clinic that actually encourages its patients to follow up and continue their care there, as a result, many community members have been using it as their primary care for years. The clinic is capable of

  • checking blood sugars
  • drawing labs for many purposes
  • providing referrals to UNC
  • distributing information about local health department programs
  • writing scripts
  • refilling prescription medications


The team running the monthly clinic is usually 2 community volunteers, 6 medical students, and one attending physician.

Bloomer Hill students comply with HIPAA regulations and patient medical records are maintained with strict confidentiality standards. Please see our Consent to Treat and Notice of Privacy Practice documents, also available at the clinic.


Each clinic usually sees around 10 to 15 patients.


Please Contact us if you are interested in scheduling an appointment!



(last created/updated by Jennica Siddle, co-leader 2012-2013)