An MD-PhD program is more than your MD and PhD curriculum. It allows you to develop friendships with your fellow MD-PhD colleagues and make new contacts within the scientific community.

Annual Retreat

Every year all participants in the MD-PhD Program gather at Wrightsville Beach, NC for a weekend of work and play.  The goal of the retreat is to welcome the incoming students, but it is also an opportunity to discuss "business" items and plan for the new school year. Perhaps the best part of the retreat is the time allocated for R&R before diving back into the work of the new semester; activities including swimming, kayaking, golf, volleyball, jetskiing, tubing, shopping, building sandcastles, relaxing in the sun and sleeping!  Click here to see our group pictures from past retreats.

Monday Night Seminars

The program holds Monday night dinner seminars twice per month during the school year which cover clinical and biomedical research topics. The other seminars are given by local scientists and/or physicians invited by the program to discuss cutting-edge research. Most speakers come from UNC or other nearby research centers (Duke and RTP). These are excellent opportunities for junior students to meet faculty members with whom they might consider research rotations and for senior students to review topics outside of their field of expertise. Speakers from the 2012-2013 academic year are listed below:

  • Barrie Hayes, MSLS: Overview of the NIH Public Access Policy
  • Kevin Guskiewicz, PhD, ATC: The Science of Sport Concussion: Translating Data Collection into Concussion Prevention
  • Jim Sellers, PhD, and Craig Blackstone, MD, PhD: Research & Career Opportunities at NIH
  • Nancy Demore, MD, FACS: Entrepreneurial Science
  • Blake Strayhorn: Habitat for Humanity- Building Homes, Hope and Community Together
  • Ben Philpot, PhD: A New Angle on Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics
  • Alex Duncan, MD, PhD: Immunopathogenesis of Gonococcal Disease: It Takes Two to Tango
  • Michael Jay, PhD, and Shawn Hingtgen, PhD: Molecular Pharmaceutics: What Is It?
  • Angela Kashuba, BScPhm, PharmD: Developing a Platform for Collaboration: The Influence of Clinical Pharmacology on HIV Prevention and Cure
  • MD-PhD Graduating Students and Recent Alumni: Residency and The Match
  • Geoffrey Schoenbaum, MD, PhD: The Role of Orbitofrontal Dysfunction in Addiction

Distinguished Medical Scientist Lecturer

It is the pleasure of the MD-PhD Program to host a nationally recognized physician-scientist each year. This individual gives a lecture to the general medical school community but also spends an extended time with our MD-PhD students.

Past Distinguished Medical Scientist Lecturers:

  • Dr. Alan Schwartz, Chairman Pediatrics Washington University
  • Dr. Chirstine Seidman, Harvard University
  • Dr. Brian Drucker, Oregon Health Sciences
  • Dr. Peter Agre, Nobel Laureate, Johns Hopkins
  • Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, Editor of JAMA
  • Dr. Phil Zeitler, University of Colorado

Alumni Lecturer:

Each year, the program invites back one of its own to share their perspective of life after graduation from the University of North Carolina. In 2013, Dr. Geoffrey Schoenbaum was our invited Alumni Lecturer. Dr. Schoenbaum is currently a Senior Investigator at NIH/NIDA and is the Director for their Intramural Research Program. You can find more information about Dr. Schoenbaum and his research here.

Other Opportunities for the MD-PhD program students:

Throughout the year, a number of distinguished individuals visit the UNC School of Medicine. The MD-PHD program staff arranges MD-PhD only events whenever possible. Our students have been able to meet and learn from:

  • Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director, Center for Disease Control
  • Dr. Ben Carson, Johns Hopkins
  • Dr. Victoria Frazier, Washington University, St Louis
  • Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
  • Dr. Steven Korn, Program Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
  • Dr. Phillip Greenland, Editor Archives of Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Tom Insel, Director, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
  • Eva Mozes Kor, Holocaust Survivor
  • Larry Jameson, Executive VP, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Dean of Penn's School of Medicine