Past News & Events

9/27/13: Josh Jennings, PhD student, publishes in Science.

9/04/13: Dan Albaugh, PhD student, publishes in Neuroimage.

6/11/13: Nikki Capik is awarded a June 2013 NRSA entitled "Alcohol Regulation of Kappa Opioid Receptor Systems in the Extended Amygdala"

6/7/13: Alice Stamatakis, PhD student, publishes a first author paper in Neuropharmacology. June 2013.

5/1/13: Kim Williams is awarded a May 2013 NRSA entitled "Neurotrophin- Chemokine Receptor Interactions Regulate Macrophage Activation"

5/1/13: Corey Cusack, PhD student, publishes first author paper in Nature Communications.

4/16/13: Rebecca Fanelli was awarded a Royster Society of Fellows (SOF) Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2013-2014 school year.

4/13/13: Corey Cusack was selected for a Graduate Education Advancement Board Impact Award. This competition recognizes outstanding graduate student research of particular benefit to North Carolina.

4/12/13: Katie Cleary of Belger's lab successfully defended her PhD dissertation and completed her talk, "Neurobiology of Sensory Deviance: Using EEG to Measure Visual and Auditory Mismatch Negativity in Children with Autism"

4/11/13: Neurobiology student, Joshua Jennings of the Stuber Lab publishes a co-first author paper in Nature dissecting the neural circuits that mediate reward and more

4/5/13: Chia Li of Kash's lab successfully defended her PhD dissertation and completed her talk, "Modulation of Periaqueductal Gray Dopamine Neurons and Their Potential Roles in Addiction-Related Behaviors"

4/1/13: Dan Bonder of McCarthy lab was awarded an NRSA titled, Investigating Astrocytic GQ-GPCR and CA2+ Signaling in Functional Hyperemia in VI.

3/21/13: Rebecca Balter of Dykstra's lab successfully defended her PhD dissertation and completed her talk, "Access to Running Wheels Attenuates Spontaneous Morphine Withdrawal in Mice, as Measured by Thermal Sensitivity"

3/13/13: Michael Wallace, PhD student, publishes in Neuroscience. March 2013.

2/12/13: Lucy Kotlyanskaya publishes in Science Signaling Feb 2013.

1/18/13: Lee Langer of Pevny's lab successfully defended his PhD dissertation and completed his talk, "The Role of Sox2 in the Development of the Optic Cup, Hypothalamus, and Secondary Palate"

1/15/13: Reggie Cannady of Hodge's lab publishes in Addiction Biology Jan 2013.

Related citations
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Enhanced AMPA receptor activity increases operant alcohol self-administration and cue-induced reinstatement.
Cannady R, Fisher KR, Durant B, Besheer J, Hodge CW.
Addict Biol. 20Enhanced AMPA receptor activity increases operant alcohol self-administration and cue-induced reinstatement.
11/30/12: A Larysa Pevny Memorial was held at 3pm in MBRB including eulogies from 3-4 pm in G202 MBRB. A time for fellowship and expressing condolences to the family followed in the MBRB 2nd floor lobby. Larysa's mother and sister were in attendance as were others from out of town who are friends and former colleagues.

11/13/12: Eva Anton publishes in Developmental Cell Nov 2012.

10/25/12: The 13th Annual Neuroscience Symposium was held from 9am – 2pm. A number of speakers were featured at the event.  Thanks to all who made it a success!

9/20/12: Kevin Blauth of Markovic-Plese's lab successfully defended his PhD dissertation and completed his talk, "CX3CL1 Upregulates ICAM-1 on CD4+ T Lymphocytes: Implications for the Immunopathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis"

9/4/12: The TOWN HALL meeting took place in Taylor Hall 124 at 12:30p.m. The purpose of the meeting was to have an opportunity to create a more direct interaction between students and the leadership. 

8/23/12: Buddy Whitman of Breese's lab successfully defended his PhD dissertation and completed his talk titled "Neuroimmune Consequences of Chronic Alcohol Exposure and its Relationship to Stress."

8/1/2012: Congratulations to Kristin Sellers, Leah Townsend, Elizabeth Andersen and Heather Decot, who were awarded HHMI Student Research Fellowships!

7/11/12: Sarah Taves of McCarthy's lab successfully defended her PhD. dissertation and completed her talk titled "Investigating the Glial Contribution on Persistent Pain."

7/1/12: Alice Stamatakis was awarded an NRSA in July of 2012, titled  "Elucidating the Role of the Habenula to VTA Circuit in Encoding Aversive Behaviors." She has been awarded funding for 3 years.
7/1/12 Congratulations to Microbiology T32 Symposium first-place poster winner, Kevin Blauth (Markovics-Plese lab) for his poster entitled,"Fractalkine may contribute to CD4+ T cell migration into the Central Nervous System in Patients with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis"

7/11/12: Sarah Taves of McCarthy's lab successfully defended her PhD. dissertation and completed her talk titled "Investigating the Glial Contribution on Persistent Pain."

7/1/12 Corey Cusack was selected to receive a competitive travel fellowship for the Federation of European Neurosciences (FENS) conference in Barcelona this July. On behalf of the International Affairs Committee and the Society for Neuroscience, she has been selected to receive a $2,000 travel award.

6/25/12 Alice Stamatakis and Garret Stuber publish new paper in Nature Neuroscience on the role of the Habenula inputs to the ventral midbrain in promoting aversive behaviors. Read More!

4/13/12: Jaeda Coutinho-Budd in Zylka's lab successfully defended her Ph.D and completed her talk titled"Membrane Deformation and Lipid Signaling: Functions of srGAP Family Proteins and PI (4, 5)P2."

4/12/21 The Graduate School awarded Chia Li with a Dissertation Completion Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year!

4/1/12: John Elliott Robinson was awarded an NRSA in April 2012, titled "Mechanisms of Alcohol Reward in a Humanized OPRM1 Mouse Model."

3/23/12: Liz Buttermore in Bhat's lab successfully defended her Ph.D and completed her talk titled"Organization and Maintenance of Molecular Domains in Myelinated Axons."

3/22/12: Garret Stuber's lab published in Neuron in the March 22nd issue of Neuron. The research article shows that activation of VTA GABA neurons can disrupt reward-related behavior by their direct regulation of neighboring dopamine neurons. Click here for the press release.

3/20/12: Beth Cox in Johns lab successfully defended her Ph.D. and completed her talk titled "Prenatal Cocaine: Effects on Neonatal Vocalizations, Cue-Induced Maternal Response, and Brain Development "

3/15/12: A paper from the groups of Ben Philpot, Bryan Roth and Mark Zylka has just appeared online in Nature together with a News and Views. The paper reports work with a novel assay that points towards development of a treatment for a neurodevelopment disorder. Click here for Nature paper. Click here for News and Views in Nature.

12/20/11 Nate Sowa was selected as one of two people nationally to receive an award for his dissertation work. Read More

12/19/11: Amanda Jacobs in Weinberg's lab successfully defended her Ph.D and completed her talk titled "The Organization of Proteins Involved in Synaptic Plasticity."

10/13/11: The 12th UNC Neuroscience Symposium was held.  Speakers included Cori Bargmann, PhD, Torsten N. Wiesel Professor, Rockefeller University, HHMI Investigator; Co-Perl Prize Winner, Elizabeth Phelps, PhD, Professor, New York University; Stephen Smith, PhD, Professor, Stanford University; Edward Callaway, PhD, Professor, Salk Institute

9/26/11: Tom Kash, faculty member in the Curriculum, was awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

9/6/11: Michael Wallace, PhD student in Philpot's lab, was recently awarded an NRSA, "Cell-Type-Specific Synaptic Defects in Angelman Syndrome Model Mice."

8/22/11: Reggie Cannady, PhD student in Hodge's Lab, was recently awarded an NRSA, "Molecular Mechanisms of Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Relapse-like Behavior."

7/20/11: Chris Smith, PhD student in Boettiger's lab, was recently awarded an NRSA, "Now Versus Later Decision Making: Effects of Frontal Development and Alcohol Use."

7/12/11: Michael Salling in Hodge's lab successfully defended his PhD and completed his talk title "Alcohol Drinking and the Amygdala Proteome: A Mechanistic Role for CaMKII in the Reinforcing Properties of Alcohol."

7/1/11: Dr. Spencer Smith joined the UNC Neuroscience Center's Faculty.  He will use 2-photon imaging of visual cortex in living mice to assess ensemble neural activity.  Spencer will have apointments as Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell & Molecular Physiology and the UNC Neurscience Center.

5/16/11: Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's PMRD event.  The day was a successful learning experience for all.  Special thanks to this year's invited guest, Mr. Marc R. Freeman, Assistant Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and HHMI investigator.

5/16/11: Sarah Williams  in Johns lab successfully defended her Ph.D and completed her talk titled "Cocaine Exposeure During Pregnancy: Effects on Maternal Behaviors and Endocrine Signaling."

5/1/11: Dr. Flavio Frohlich joined the UNC Neuroscience Center's Faculty.  He will be studying cortical network activity using multi-electrode recording in his new lab at UNC.  Flavio will have appointments as Assistant Professor in Department of Psychiatry, the UNC Neuroscience Center, and the Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology.

4/8/11: Kim Carpenter successfully defended her Ph.D. on Friday, April 8, 2011, 2pm in Bondurant G100.  Her talk title, "Functional Neuroimaging of Social and Executive Neural Circuitry in High-Functioning Autism." Dissertation Mentor: Dr. Aysenil Belger, Clinical Mentor: Dr. Joseph Piven.

4/6/11: Lucy Kotlyanskaya has been awarded an NSF, How Does the Adapter Protein Disabled Regulate Abl Tyrosine Kinase Signaling During Morphogenesis?

3/17/11: Corey Cusack has been awarded an NRSA, Molecular Intersection Between Neuronal Apoptosis and Axon Degeneration.  She scored in the first percentile on the first submission.

2/22/11: Philpot, Roth and Zylka awarded prestigious grant for research in autism research spectrum disorders.

12/7/10: Luke Campagnola has been awarded an NRSA, Mapping the Connectivity of Cochlear Nucleus Bushy Cells.

11/1/10: Sarah Williams has been selected to receive a Graduate Education Advancement Board (GEAB) Impact Award. This recognizes outstanding graduate student research of particular benefit to North Carolina.  There will be an Annual Student Recognition Celebration on April 6, 2011 where all of the Impact awardees will showcase their research to the campus community, state legislators, and others participating in a poster session.

10/18/10: 225 scientists from the triangle attend the UNC Neuroscience Symposium on Oct. 14th.  Drs. Lesilie Vosshall, Matthew Wilson, Dan Geschwind, and Steven Paul delivered lecutres on “The Neurobiology of Innate Behavior: Sex, Smell, and Food”, “Hippocampal Memory Reactivation”, “Genetics, Genomics and the Neurology of Autism”, and “Alzheimer’s Disease: From Genomics to Proteomics to New Drugs.” After the Symposium, the speakers met with students, postdocs, and faculty members.

9/17/10: Pierre Morell Research Day was held on Friday Sept. 17th and was a huge success! The featured speaker was Dr. Karel Svoboda who talked about "Optical Studies of the Neural Circuits Underlying Somatosensation"

9/1/10: Jeremy Petravicz,  Neurobiology PhD student from Ken McCarthy's lab successfully defends thesis dissertation. "Challenging the Dogma: Evaluating the Role of Astrocyte Calcium Signaling in Physiology and Behavior" on Wednesday, September 1st, 1:45pm, Bioinformatics Auditorium.

8/30/10: Curriculum faculty member and Distinguished Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Dr. Jenny Ting, was selected to deliver the 2010 Norma Berryhill Distinguished Lecture. The lecture coincides with the annual convocation of the Medical School. It is a time when we reflect upon our School’s splendid heritage of collegiality and excellence, to which Norma Berryhill contributed so much. It is also the occasion on which we welcome our newest faculty members. Congratulations to Dr. Ting!

7/16/10: Natalia Surzenko,  Neurobiology PhD student from Larysa Pevny's lab successfully defended thesis dissertation. "The Function of SOX2 Transcription Factor in the Postnatal Mouse Retina" on Friday, July 16, 11:00am, Taylor Hall 124.

7/15/10: Leon Coleman,  Neurobiology PhD student from Fulton Crews' lab successfully defended thesis dissertation. "The Long-term Effects of Adolescent and Postnatal Ethanol Exposure on the Adult Mouse Brain: A Multidisciplinary Approach" on Thursday, July 15, 2:00pm, Taylor Hall 124.

6/10/10: Jackie de Marchena,  Neurobiology PhD student from Franck Polleux's lab (co-advisor, Ben Philpot) successfully defended thesis dissertation. "Synaptic Plasticity and Morphogenesis in the Developing Cerebral Cortex" on Thursday, June 17, 11:00am, Bioinformatics Auditorium.

4/7/10: Marina Spanos, Neurobiology PhD student from Clyde Hodge's lab successfully defends thesis dissertation "Alcohol Exposure Leads to Differential Neuroadaptations in the ERK/MAPK Signaling Pathway in Adolescents as Compared to Adults" Wednesday, April 7, 9:30am, Taylor 124

4/1/10: Stephanie Stagg, Neurobiology PhD student from Steve Crew's lab to successfully defends thesis dissertation "Transcriptional Regulation of Drosophila Neural Development" Thursday, April 1, 11:00am, Coker 215

5/01/10: Curriculum faculty member, Dr. Clyde Hodge, recognized for mentoring by the Carolina Women's Leadership Council.  Click here for more info.

4/12/10: The Curriculum adds three new faculty. Ryan Miller, Andrea Nackley Neely and Garret Stuber become new primary faculty within The Curriculum in Neurobiology.

4/1/10: Maile Henson, Neurobiology PhD student from Ben Philpots's lab to successfully defends thesis dissertation "Role of the NMDA Receptor Subunit, NR3A, in Glutamatergic Synapse Development" Thursday, April 1, 3:00pm, G100 Bondurant

3/10/10: Curriculum faculty, Dr. Ken McCarthy, featured in March 2010 Science.

3/10/10: The Curriculum adds four new faculty. James Bear, Klaus Hahn, Mark Peifer, and Greg Matera become new primary faculty within The Curriculum in Neurobiology.

3/5/10: Sean Barron, Neurobiology PhD student from Robert Rosenberg's lab successfully defends thesis dissertation. "Molecular Mechanisms of Allosteric Modulation of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors" Thursday, March 5, 2010, Bioinformatics Auditorium, 1st Floor, 3:30pm.

1/25/10: Nate Sowa, Neurobiology MD/PhD student from Mark Zylka's lab receives UNC Distinguished Dissertation Award