Join us for PMRD May 7, 2015!

May 7, 2015 in MBRB G202

Our guest speaker next year is Dr. Gary Aston-Jones.  Dr. Aston-Jones is a Professor, a Murray Chair of Excellence in Neuroscience, and the Director of Cognitive Neuro Center and the Neuroscience Institute.  His research interests are in the brain neuromodulatory system, and their roles in cognitive performance, drug abuse, sleep and waking, and affective disorders.

Schedule of Events

12:00 Lunch from Vimala's at MBRB 2nd Floor

1:00 Keynote Speaker at MBRB G202

2:15 Coffee Break

2:30 Poster Session at MBRB Ground Floor

3:30 Student Speakers at MBRB G202

5:00 Happy Hour at Topo