Fall 2015 Thursday Seminar Series



Sept 8

Neuroscience Center/CIDD Seminar, Oliver Smithies, MA, DPhil

Oliver Smithies

Joint with CIDD


Where do ideas come from?

Sept 24

Thursday Seminar Series, Bryan Roth, MD, PhD

Bryan Roth


Illuminating a subterranean chemical (neuro)biology

Oct 1

Thursday Seminar Series, Andreas Burkhalter

Andreas Burkhalter



Modular organization of mouse visual cortex

Oct 8

Neuroscience Symposium

Joseph GleesonJoseph Gleeson (Rockefeller)




Yang DanYang Dan (UC-Berkeley)




Alcino SilvaAlcino Silva (UCLA)


Treating the Untreatable: Lessons from Neurodevelopmental Disabilities



Neural circuits controlling sleep



Molecular, cellular and circuit allocation mechanisms that connect memories across time

Oct 13

Neuroscience Center/CIDD Seminar-Andrew Zimmerman, MD

Andrew Zimmerman

Joint wit CIDD

Sulforaphane treatment in autism: Clues to cellular mechanisms?

Oct 22

Thursday Seminar Series, Stephanie Gupton, PhD

Stephanie Gupton


Coordinating cytoskeletal dynamics and membrane delivery for neuronal morphogenesis

Oct 29

Thursday Seminar Series, Michael McConnell, PhD

Michael McConnell

Single Cell Analysis of Brain Somatic Mosaicism

Nov 5

Thursday Seminar Series, Shawn Hingtgen, PhD

Shawn D Hingtgen

Develop Stem Cell Therapies for Cancer

Nov 12

Thursday Seminar Series, Vance Lemmon, PhD

Vance Lemmon


Functional Genomics for Spinal Cord Injury

Nov 19

Thursday Seminar Series, Gabe Murphy, PhD

Gabe Murphy

Divergence, Convergence, and Transforms of Retinal Signals in the Brain

Dec 3

Thursday Seminar Series, Todd Cohen, PhD

Todd Cohen (UNC)

Dec 10 Thursday Seminar Series, Chenghua Gu, PhDChenghua Gu

Interactions between nervous and vascular systems in the CNS