Fall 2014 Tuesday Mini-Series

Weekly research in progress informal seminar presentations from current Neurobiology Curriculum PhD students that represent the breadth of the Curriculum


Sept 2



Sept 9 CIDD


Sept 16 Sarah Schoenrock

"You are What Your Mother Eats:

The effects of perinatal diet on adult behavior

and gene expression in mice"

Sept 23 Joe Shaffer/ Logan Brown

"Resting State Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenia"

"Investigation of Hippocampal Field CA2"

Sept 30 PClass Spencer Smith
Oct 7 Cortney Winkle

"TRIM9 regulates DCC trafficking
and  FAK activity during Netrin-dependent
axonal plasma membrane expansion"


Oct 21 Chris Mazzone

"Modulation of emotional behaviors following

pharmacogenetic manipulations of discrete

neurochemical populations within the bed

nucleus of the stria terminalis"

Oct 28 PClass Spencer Smith


Nov 4 Nikki Capik "Peptide Modulation of Glutamate Transmission in the BNST"
Nov 11 CIDD
Nov 18 sfN


Nov 25 Rebecca Fanelli

Public Defense

"Activation of Dorsal Striatum by Alcohol and Habit:  Reversal with Dopamine Pharmacology"

Dec 2 Shaili Jha
Dec 9 CIDD
Dec 16 Kelly Carstens/ Anel Jaramillo



Activation of dorsal striatum by alcohol and habit:

reversal with dopamine pharmacology