Dr. William D. Snider, Director
Dr. Garret Stuber, Associate Director
Denise Kenney, Administrative Assistant


Executive Committee- Regina Carelli (Psychology), John Gilmore (Psychiatry), Leslie Morrow (Psychiatry), Ben Philpot (Cell Biology & Physiology), William Snider (Cell Biology & Physiology and Neurology), Juan Song (Pharmacology), Garret Stuber (Psychiatry)

Student Mentoring and Oversight Committee-  Kathryn Reissner (Psychology), Steve Crews (Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology), Garret Stuber (Psychiatry), Stephanie Gupton (Cell Biology & Physiology)

Faculty Appointments Committee- A. Leslie Morrow, Chair (Psychiatry), Eva Anton (Cell Biology & Physiology), Kelly Giovanello (Psychology)

Exam Committee- Steve Crews, Chair (Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology), Richard Cheney (Cell Biology & Physiology), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Todd Thiele (Psychology)

Awards Committee- William Snider, Chair (Neuroscience Center), Paul Manis (Otolaryngology), Regina Carelli (Psychology), Tom Kash (Pharmacology)

Neurobiology Admissions Representative- Steve Crews (Biochemistry & Biophysics), Stephanie Gupton (Cell Biology & Physiology), Andrea Nackley (Dentistry), Flavio Frohlich (Psychiatry), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Tom Kash (Psychiatry), Greg Matera (Biology)

First Year Course Director- Garret Stuber (Psychiatry)

PMRD Committee Faculty Representative- Tom Kash (Pharmacology) 

PMRD Committee Student Representatives- Sarah Schoenrock, Chair, Anel Jaramillo, Shaili Jha

Neurobiology Student Liaison Committee- Nikki Capik, Chair, Kristin Sellers, Sarah Schoenrock, Amanda Moawad

Neurobiology Student-Invited Speaker Seminar Committee- Cortney Winkle, Chair, Katie Veleta, Jessica Bullins