Dedicated research scientist implementing advanced bioinformatics pipelines and providing bioinformatics support for specific projects

UNC has purchased and put in operation numerous massively parallel sequencers in the High-throughput Sequencing Facility (HTSF). The HTSF supports whole genome shotgun sequencing, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq FAIRE-seq, as well as many other applications. The HTSF has eight Illumina HiSeq 2000s, two Genome Analyzer II machines, a Pacific Biosciences SMRT Sequencing System, a Life Technologies Ion Torrent, an Illumina miSeq and a Sure-Select system for exon capture. Thus the UNC SOM has developed the infrastructure for genomics needs of NINDS-funded researchers. Although basic sequence analysis software (Bowtie, MapSeq, BWA, SOAP2, MAQ, QIIME) is available, these packages are not easy for individual labs to use, particularly with extremely large sequence data sets. Increasingly data analysis is recognized as a barrier to fully utilize massively parallel sequencing technologies. The Bioinformatics Core will bridge this gap. The Core provide Bioinformatics support for specific NINDS-funded projects and generate specialized neuroscience pipelines, allowing NINDS-funded researchers to take full advantage of existing university resources.