Fall 2014 Tuesday Mini Series





Sept 9


Cynthia M. Powell, MD
   "Next Generation Newborn Screening"
Carolina Center for Genome Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Sept 16

Sarah Schoenrock

“You Are What Your Mother Eats: The Effects of Perinatal Diet on Adult Behavior and Gene Expression in Mice” 

Sept 23

Joe Shaffer/ Logan Brown

"Resting State Functional Connectivity in Schizophrenia”(Shaffer) 
“Investigation of Hippocampal Field CA2” (Brown)

Sept 30

PClass Spencer Smith

"Tumor Recurrence in Mouse Medulloblastoma Models”  (Ocasio-Adorno, Gershon lab)

“Cortical Structure and Cognitive Outcomes in the Developing Brain” (Bullins, Gilmore lab)

"Netrin Signaling and TRIM9 in the Retina" (Boyer, Gupton lab)

In vivo Phenotyping of Adult Neural Progenitors and their Control by Local Circuit Activity” (Crowther, Song lab) 

Oct 7

Cortney Winkle

"TRIM9 Regulates DCC Trafficking and  FAK Activity During Netrin-dependent Axonal Plasma Membrane Expansion" 

Oct 14


Steven Gray, PhD

Department of Opthamology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

Oct 21

Chris Mazzone

"Modulation of Emotional Behaviors Following Pharmacogenetic Manipulations of Discrete Neurochemical Populations within the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis"

Oct 28

PClass Spencer Smith

“Examining the Dynamic Midline Transcriptome of Drosophila Melanogaster” (Moawad, S Crews lab)

“Capillary Loss Precedes Degeneration of Locus Coeruleus in Mice with Chronic Neuroinflammation” (Oyarzabal, Shih lab)

“Visualizing the Hypothalamic Architecture for Feeding Behaviors” (Ung, Stuber lab) 

“Bcl-xL Deficiency Increases Apoptosis and Proliferation in Cerebellar Development” (Veleta, Gershon lab)

“Neuronal Death After Exposure to a Common Environmental Toxin in Vitro" (Nipp, Zylka lab)

Nov 4

Nikki Capik

"Peptide Modulation of Glutamate Transmission in the BNST" 

Nov 11


Abraham (Avi) Reichenberg, PhD

Department of Psychiatry Mount Sinai Hospital 

Nov 18



Nov 25

Rebecca Fanelli

Public Defense

"Activation of Dorsal Striatum by Alcohol and Habit:  Reversal with Dopamine Pharmacology"

Dec 2

Shaili Jha


Dec 9


Spencer Smith, PhD

Department of Cell Biology and Physiology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Dec 16

Kelly Carstens/ Anel Jaramillo