Spring 2014 Tuesday Mini Series





Jan. 16


Ayumi Nakamura/Josh Jennings

"A Primitive Worm-like Apoptotic Pathway in the Developing Mammalian Brain(Nakamura)

“The Inhibitory Circuit Architecture of the Lateral Hypothalamus Orchestrates Feeding” (Jennings) 

Jan. 21

Amanda Lyall/Ryan Annis

"Trajectories of Early Cortical Development in Healthy and At-Risk Children" (Lyall)

"Putting on the Brakes: How Neurons Restrict Apoptosis During Neuronal Maturation" (Annis)

Jan. 28

Amelia Bachleda/Bomi Oladosu

"Müller glia and Sox2: Growing Pains" (Bachleda) 

"Elucidating the role of MOR-1K in Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia" (Oladosu)

Feb. 4

Colleen Lonergan/Heather Decot

"NIAAA Ethanol Liver Damage Model Results in Changes of Innate Immune Gene Expression in Brain, Cerebellum, Gut, and Liver" (Lonergan)

"Optogenetic Manipulation of VTA Dopaminergic Neurons and Global Patterns of Functional Neural Connectivity" (Decot)

Feb. 11

CIDD- Mark Zylka, PhD, UNC

"Gene Length Matters in Autism"

Feb. 18

Alice Stamatakis 

 “Reciprocal Connectivity Between the VTA and Lateral Habenula Promotes Reward and Aversion”.

Feb. 25

Kristin Sellers 

"Cortical Oscillations Exhibit State-Dependent Modulation by Cortical Area and Laminar Profile"

Mar. 4

Chris Mazzone

"Chemical Genetic Modulation of Distinct Populations of Neurons in the Extended Amygdala Differentially Alter Anxiety and Fear"

Mar. 11

Leah Townsend

"The Development of Higher Visual Area Circuitry in Mouse Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Mar. 18

CIDD- Stephan Sanders, PhD, UCSF

"The Genetic of Autism"

Mar. 25

Sierra Stringfield

"Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulation of Drug Context-induced Cocaine-seeking Behavior"

Apr. 1

Kenton Woodard/Katharine Liang

"Looking for Viral Variants for Retinal Gene Therapy" (Woodard)

AAV-mediated Gene Therapy in a Mouse Model of Oxidative Stress-induced Liver Disease" (Liang)

Apr. 8

CIDD- CJ Malanga, MD, PhD, UNC

“Translational Therapeutic Design for Fragile X Syndrome” 

Apr. 15

Sarah Sinnett

"Identification of Novel Molecules that Bind and Regulate AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK)"

Apr. 22

Elizabeth Andersen/Lucy Kotlyanskaya

"Electrophysiological Correlates of Attentional and Affective Processing Disparities in Schizophrenia Patients and First-Degree Relatives." (Andersen)

"Disabled Regulation of Abelson Kinase Activity and Localization in Drosophila Cells" (Kotlyanskaya)

Apr. 29

Janet Berrios

 "Elucidating the Role of Ube3a in Midbrain Dopamine Circuitry" 

May 6

Career Lunch: Aaron Gerlach


May 13

 Speaker TBA, Glenn Matsushima Hosting


May 20



May 27

Mariko Weber


June 3



Cohost with Micro/Immuno Career


June 10



Cohost with Micro/Immuno Career


July 15

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