Spring 2015 Tuesday Mini Series





Jan 27

Jane Hartung

"Causes and consequences: The Role of COMT in Pain 

Feb 3

Abigail Agoglia

"The Adolescent Brain on Alcohol: Evidence that Glutamatergic Signaling Drives Excessive Drinking During Development 

Feb 10


John Gilmore, MD, UNC

“Structural and Functional Brain Development from Birth to Age 2” 

Feb 17


Ryan Annis

Restriction of Apoptosis by MicroRNAs During Neuronal Maturation

Feb 24


Heather Decot/ Ayumi Nakamura

Coordination of Brain Network Dynamics by Dopaminergic Activity (Decot)

Coordination of Brain Network Dynamics by Dopaminergic Activity” (Nakamura)

Mar 3

Janet Berrios

"Maternal Ube3a is Required for Neurotypical Motivational Drive"

Mar 10

Heather Decot

“Coordination of Brain Network Dynamics by Dopaminergic Activity” 

Mar 17



Mar 24

Leah Townsend/ Bomi Oladosu


Mar 31

Sierra Stringfield/ Abigail Agoglia


Apr 8

(Wed, 3pm, MBRB G202)

Katharine Liang

“Intravitreal AAV-mediated Expression of Nrf2 Promotes Retinal Recovery after Light-induced Retinal Damage in Mice”

Apr 14



Apr 21

Nick Boyer/ Andrew Crowther


Apr 28

Dan Albaugh/ Colleen Lonergan


May 5

Elizabeth Andersen/ Mariko Weber


May 12



May 19

Jessica Bullins/ Kenton Woodard


May 26

Amanda Moawad/ Jennifer Ocasio Adorno


June 2

Esteban Oyarzabal/ Katie Veleta