Welcome to the Neurology Clerkship



Welcome to the Neurology Clerkship at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine website. Whether your experience is in Chapel Hill, Charlotte or Asheville, we are proud to offer both a core didactic and experiential component that is comparable across all sites and prepares every student with a sound foundation in diagnosis and management of core neurological disorders. We are excited to have you share our practice of Neurology.

Key Course Information:

  • Preparing for the rotation: Login to the Student portal using your ONYEN. This will include all relevant materials, including your personal and detailed schedule for the first 2 weeks. Please log into the website daily, to ensure that you become familiar with the content.
  • Learning during the rotation: See Educational Activities for more detailed description of the major components of the course. A simplified checklist outlines all expectations for assignments.
  • Feedback: Ask your Neurology faculty and Neurology resident providing feedback to review the Common Assessment Form with you, while they provide feedback. You will meet with the course director sometime during week 2 of the block for mid-rotation feedback. You will meet formally at the end of the block as well to review your performance.
  • Patient Log: You are required to document all core clinical conditions and procedures that are part of the rotation in the Clinical Log. This foreshadows documentation requirements that you will be asked to follow the rest of your career.
  • Assessment: See Requirements and Grading for more detailed description of grading and the actual grading forms.