OSCE Information

All students will complete one graded neurologic exam during their inpatient subrotation, overseen by a resident on that service (except ICU students who are scheduled separately). You will receive a lecture introduction to these examinations on the first day of your block. The form used to evaluate your performance of a neurologic exam can be found hereStudents who do not meet a minimum score on their first try can redo the exam at another time.

All students will also complete a neurologic exam on a comatose patient in the Neuro ICU (see Coma Exam).


The following are interactive walkthroughs and videos of the neurological exam:

NeuroLogic Exam: This website requires a login, but is worth it for an easy to navigate and useful tool to view parts of the exam and anatomic correlations, etc.

neuroexam.com: From Yale, and actually good at being “normal”- not stuffy or weird. Will require Real player. Worth the effort as it allows you to sit back and watch someone else do the different parts of the exam.