Feedback Information

  1. Evaluations:
    1. You are expected to keep up with the didactic evaluation forms from one45.
    2. While on inpatient services, you must select 1 attending and 1 resident to complete a Common Assessment Form. You must select someone who you have worked with for at least 4 days. We encourage you to do this in real-time, towards the end of your experience, by logging onto One45 with your reviewer, so that the feedback you receive is aligned with that documented in your evaluation form. Make sure that a copy of your write-up is sent to the faculty evaluating you.
    3. You are expected to complete evaluations for your teaching resident and faculty. Completing these evaluations is part of your grade. You will select only one outpatient clinic faculty to evaluate. 
  2. Graded Observed Neurological Exam Evaluation Forms
  3. Midpoint Feedback. The small group session during week 2 will have time for feedback. Dr. Felix will also be available to meet individually afterwards.
  4. Exit Debrief: Feedback will also be gathered at the final small group session. Please let us know if we can improve in any particular area.
  5. Write-up/Practice-Based Learning exercise: Submit a write-up by email (to the faculty selected for providing evaluation, Dr. Felix, and the coordinator).
  6. Completed Patient encounter log in one45
  7. Completed Observed Neurology Examination on Patient with Depressed Consciousness Form.
  8. 3 graded Pre-Test quizzes
  9. Quizzes from 3 independent modules: Discharge Planning Module, Stroke Prevention Module and Head CT Module.
  10. SHELF Examination: Students must pass the SHELF examination in order to PASS the Clerkship.