UNC Neurosurgery Clinic

Neurosurgery assignments will take place at UNC's Neurosurgery Clinic or in one of the main hospitals. Be sure to check WebCis to see which location the physician will be at.

  • Dr. Matt Ewend's clinics take place in either Cancer Hospital (2nd Floor, Oncology Surgery), Children's Hospital (Ground Floor, Neurosurgery) or at the Imaging and Spine Center (Neurosurgery Clinic). Check WebCis to confirm the location.
  • Dr. Eldad Hadar is located at the Imaging and Spine Center (Neurosurgery Clinic).
  • Dr. Jing Wu's clinic takes place in Cancer Hospital, 2nd Floor, Oncology Surgery.
  • Dr. Scott Elton is located in Children's Hospital, Ground Floor, Neurosurgery


Directions to the Neurosurgery Clinic at UNC's Imaging and Spine Center on NC 54 can be found at the link below:



There are free buses to this location, information can be found at the following websites:



There is also free onsite parking.


Students assigned to morning half days with Neurosurgery faculty are expected to be back to the main UNC campus in time for any noon didactic and afternoon activities.

Students assigned to afternoon half days with Neurosurgery should plan on attending noon didactic and arriving to Neurosurgery as quickly as possible after the didactic.

Students assigned to full days off site with neurosurgery faculty are exempt from noon didactic activities.