Directions To UNC Sleep Lab

The UNC Sleep Laboratory is in the UNC Hospitals on 101 Manning Drive. You will find parking in the Dogwood parking deck across from the hospital. Shuttle service runs from the parking deck to the hospital if you need assistance.

To find the UNC Sleep Disorders Laboratory, enter the main UNC Hospital or Women’s Hospital entrances. Proceed to the information desk. From either of these locations you can be guided to the sleep laboratory.

If you are a patient, you will need to be registered before going to the laboratory. The attendant will give you a map and direct you to the laboratory. The laboratory is located on the first floor of the Anderson Building. After you enter the main hospital, you should go up to the first floor of the main hospital and follow the signs to the Sleep Laboratory. The west entrance of the laboratory has a phone for “after hours” to contact the technologists to let you into the Sleep Laboratory waiting room. If this is during regular hours, please enter the waiting room and notify the receptionist.