Child Neurology Residents

Julia Henry
Julia Henry, MD
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Undergraduate School: University of Florida
Medical School: University of Florida
Area of Interest in Neurology: Child Neurology and Epilepsy
Hobbies: Travel, hiking and gardening
Why I Chose UNC: I did an acting internship in child neurology here during my 4th year of med school. I was impressed by the amount of time that the attendings devoted to resident education. I was also impressed by how much the residents enjoyed working with one another.

Stephanie Wolfe
Stephanie Wolfe, MD
Hometown: Centennial, Colorado
Undergraduate School: Tulane University
Medical School: University of North Carolina
Area of Interest in Neurology: Neurodevelopment
Hobbies: Parenting, local travel,
Why I Chose UNC: I chose UNC because each pediatric neurology resident has the opportunity and is encouraged to develop and pursue their own interests. I was pleased that in addition to our Neurology training, there are many resources at UNC to assist us in our education, including strong pediatric training, a pediatric PM&R department, TEACCH and the Carolina Institute of Developmental disabilities, a close relationship with pediatric neurosurgery, genetics/metabolism, and rheumatology/immunology, and strong pediatric psychiatry program. We get the benefit of a huge support system in a little family!

Cynthia Pudukudan, MD
Hometown: Thrissur, Kerala, India
Undergraduate School: St. Mary's college
Medical School: T.D. Medical College, Alleppey
Areas of Interest in Neurology: Epilepsy
Hobbies: Cooking and travelling
Why I Chose UNC: I liked the environment when I interviewed!

Krystal Sully
Krystal Sully, MD
Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas
Undergraduate School: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Medical School:  University of Missouri-Kansas City
Area of Interest in Neurology: Child Neurology
Hobbies: Cooking, board games, reading, tennis , performing arts
Why I Chose UNC: The strong emphasis on clinical skills and resident teaching are the two top reasons why I chose UNC.  The people here at UNC's program are also one of the greatest strengths, among so many others.  UNC is able to hone clinical skills while integrating evidence-based practice seamlessly.  I was drawn to the diversity of the patients whom we take care of from that are referred here from all over NC, neighboring states, and internationally.  Location was also a key factor: temperate weather, driving distance for weekend beach trips, an international airport within 30 minutes, a variety of restaurants, and seated in the growing Triangle metropolitan; UNC is ideally located. Having already spent two years at UNC doing my Pediatric residency in preparation for Child Neurology, I can happily say that UNC was the perfect fit for me, and I would gladly choose it again in a heartbeat!