6/15/12: Pierre Morell Research Day - Dr. Huda Akil

Dr. Huda Akil, was invited to speak by the students and gave a talk entitled "The Depressed Brain: Here Lies the Winter of Our Discontent".  The day started with an introduction of the new students who will be joining the Neurobiology Curriculum followed by the presentation of the UNC Faculty Mentorship Award to Dr. Mohanish Deshmukh.  Two students, Meghan Morgan-Smith and Reginald Cannady, gave talks about "GSK-3 Regulates Migration and Morphogenesis of Cortical Neurons" and "Positive Modulation of Amygdala AMPA Receptors Selectively Potentiates Operant Alcohol Self-administration", respectively.  Dr. Akil gave her lecture to a auditorium full of students, faculty and postdocs.  After lunch, there was a poster session where the students presented the work that they have been doing at UNC.


Meghan Morgan-Smith Reggie Cannady