7/6/09: Zylka lab shows that a G protein-coupled receptor enhances excitability in pain-sensing neurons

In an article published in J. Neuroscience, Mark Zylka’s lab, in collaboration with labs at Caltech and the University of Pittsburgh, found that Mrgprd enhancesexcitability in nociceptive neurons. In addition, they found that Mrgprd molecularly marks a population of unmyelinated polymodal nociceptors.  Polymodal nociceptors were first physiologically identified and studied thirty years ago by UNC Professor Dr. Edward Perl [in Bessou and Perl (1969) J. Neurophysiol 32:1025-1043].

Dr. Hong Wang, a postdoctoral scholar in the Zylka lab, contributed to this study.  Their paper is featured with a cover caption and can be found at: