8/22/2012: Schedule for 13th Annual UNC Neuroscience Symposium Announced

13th Annual UNC Neuroscience Symposium Speakers


13th Annual UNC Neuroscience Symposium: October 25, 2012


Patricia Salinas, PhD

Professor, Cellular Neurobiology

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

University College London

Title: “The Birth and Death of the Synapse: A Role for Wnt Signaling”


Bernardo Sabatini, MD, PhD

HHMI Investigator

Professor, Neurobiology

Harvard Medical School

Title: “Strange Connections: Unexpected Projections in the Basal Ganglia”


Terrence Sejnowski, PhD

HHMI Investigator

Distinguished Professor, Neurobiology, Neuroscience, UCSD

Professor, Biology, Salk Institute

Title: “Suspicious Coincidences in the Brain”


Bradley Schlaggar, MD, PhD

A. Ernest and Jane G. Stein Associate Professor, Neurology

Associate Professor, Radiology, Anatomy & Neurobiology, and Pediatrics

Associate Director, Division of Pediatric & Developmental Neurology

Director, Pediatric Neurology Residency Training

Director, Pediatric Movement Disorder Program

Washington University School of Medicine

Title: "Investigating Typical and Atypical Development of the Brain's Functional Network Architecture"