Hiroyuki Kato, PhD, Awarded Whitehall Foundation Grant

Hiroyuki Kato, PhD, assistant professor of Psychiatry in the UNC School of Medicine and a member of the UNC Neuroscience Center, has been awarded a grant from the Whitehall Foundation. He will receive $225,000.00 over three years to study the mechanisms underlying spectro-temporal integration of sounds in our brains.

Hiroyuki Kato, PhD, Awarded Whitehall Foundation Grant click to enlarge Hiroyuki Kato, PhD

Dr. Kato's research combines in vivo electrophysiology, two-photon calcium imaging, and behaviors to dissect the neural circuits in the mouse auditory cortex.

Findings in the simple mouse brain should provide a first step towards the ultimate understanding of the complex human brain circuits that enable verbal communication, and how they fail in diseased brains.

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