Juan Song Receives Two Prestigous Awards

Juan Song receives both Whitefall Foundation award and American Heart Association award

Juan Song receives Whitefall Foundation award
Dr. Juan Song has been awarded a highly selective grant from the Whitehall Foundation. She will receive $225,000.00 over three years to study the neural circuits that regulate synapse dynamics of adult-born neurons in the hippocampus. Dr. Juan Song is an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology and UNC Neuroscience Center.  Her research combines electrophysiology, high-resolution imaging, systems neuroscience and mouse genetics to identify the circuit mechanisms that regulate distinct developmental stages of adult neurogenesis and to understand how circuit-level information-processing properties are remodeled by the integration of new neurons into existing circuits and how dysregulation of this process may contribute to various neurological and mental disorders. This three-year research grant will help to support research to determine how neuronal circuits mediated by local interneurons regulate distinct phases of synapse development of adult-born neurons, and to explore how genetic risk factors such as DISC1 (Disrupted in Schizophrenia-1) influence circuit dynamics and behaviors.

Juan Song receives American Heart Association award

Dr. Juan Song received a 4- year, $308,000 award from American Heart Association.  In the proposed experiments the Song lab will investigate the local interneuron circuits that mediate stroke-induced neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus for endogenous neural regeneration upon brain injuries.  

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