Spencer Smith to Lead $10-Million Project to Build Brain-Imaging Technology

The five-year NSF project led by UNC Neuroscience Center research, Spencer Smith, will develop new imaging systems and technology to explore the brain like never before.

Spencer Smith to Lead $10-Million Project to Build Brain-Imaging Technology click to enlarge Spencer Smith, PhD

Smith, an associate professor of cell biology and physiology and member of the UNC Neuroscience Center, is a world expert in developing multiphoton imaging systems – an evolution of the standard microscope – and using them to observe brain activity in much greater resolution than MRIs, down to individual brain cells.

To help further Smith’s work, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded him $10 million over five years. He will lead a consortium, including his lab and eight other scientific teams across the country. This is part of the NSF’s new NeuroNex Awards, which bring together researchers from across various disciplines to create new technologies and explore the mysteries of the brain like never before. By the end of five years, the NSF hopes to have established a national infrastructure to enhance our understanding of brain function.

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