Brain Awareness Week is Approaching!

The UNC Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies and Duke Institute for Brain Sciences are joining forces to sponsor Brain Awareness Week events at the NC Museum of Life + Science in Durham. 

What: “Electric Muscles!” interactive exhibit and "It's Alive!" classes
When: Thursday, March 4-8, 9:45 – 2:30 (various shifts)
Electric Muscles! Station 1: How your brain “talks” to muscles. This station has brain specimens - including a real human brain! - and skull models that are props for talking to visitors about the brain and how it controls our muscles and behavior.

Electric Muscles! Station 2: Hear your muscles working! This station will use portable EMG recorders hooked up to tablets or iPods to “hear” and “see” your muscles working. Check it out here: (scroll down for video).

“It’s Alive!” classroom labs: These labs are for junior high and high school classed who scheduled them in advance. Volunteers will work with groups of students to listen to action potentials from a cricket leg and identify the different parts of a sheep brain.  There will be two 50-min class periods with a 40 min break in between.  No prior experience necessary. Check it out here: (scroll down for video).

Extra Brain Activities: We will have extra stations with cool neuroscience activities on Saturday, Mar 8.

Please sign up online to claim a shift!