Colleen Lawrimore

Colleen Lawrimore


I graduated cum laude from UC San Diego in 2010 with a BS in Neuroscience and Physiology.  Shortly following graduation, I began working in the lab of Dr. Gerhard Schulteis, using behavioral and neuropharmacological techniques to study opioid dependence and withdrawal.


I joined the lab of Dr. Fulton T. Crews in 2013.  We have previously found in the Crews lab that alcohol consumption causes neuroinflammation, which we and other labs have linked with increased alcohol drinking and dependence.  My project focuses on the specific contribution of neurons, microglia, and astrocytes in alcohol-induced activation of the innate immune system.  I am also investigating the role of cell-membrane derived microparticles in innate immune activation.


Neurobiology Training Grant Recipient

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