Maria Luisa Torruella Suarez

Maria Luisa Torruella Suarez


I graduated from Yale University in 2015 with a B.S. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. As an undergraduate I worked in the lab of Dr. Colón-Ramos. There I was part of a project that sought to elucidate the neural mechanisms of thermotaxis behavior in C. elegans. I started BBSP in the fall of 2015 and joined the lab of Dr. Zoe McElligott in 2016.


As a graduate student in the McElligott lab I am interested in the neural circuits that underlie alcohol use and abuse. I am currently working on a project to elucidate the role of neurotensin neurons in the central amygdala in alcohol consumption.



UNC Neuroscience Training Grant recipient, 2015-2017
Pierre Morell Neuroscience Retreat Committee, 2016-2017
Neuroscience Invited Speakers Committee, 2016-2017
EXROP scholar, 2014

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