Nick Boyer

Nick Boyer


I grew up in the woods of Johns Island, SC, before moving to downtown Charleston just before high school. I went to Clemson university for 4 years, initially for biomedical engineering, and ended up graduating with a BS in Biochemistry. After college I moved back to Charleston, where I was a tech in the lab of Dr. Yiannis Koutalos at MUSC for 2 1/2 years studying age-related macular degeneration. I moved to Chapel Hill just before orientation, and now I spend most days doing science, playing guitar or going to see local musicians play.


I'm currently studying the role of the E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM9 in netrin-1 signaling in cortical and retinal neurons, along with its potential association with neurological diseases. In a broader sense, I hope to research the underlying mechanisms of psychological disorders, and potentially spend time in translational research on schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease and ALS.



2013-2015, Neuroscience Predoctoral Training Grant

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