Sally Kim

Sally Kim


I am a Ph.D. student in the lab of Philpot lab. As an undergraduate research assistant at UNC-Chapel Hill, my study focused on experience-dependent dendritic spine dynamics using in vivo 2-photon microscope imaging. Those years sparked my interests in neuroscience research and led me to pursue Ph.D. I’m interested in the organization of synaptic networks and circuit mechanisms underlying different forms of learning and memory, and how disruption in those networks contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders. 



2017. The Neural Systems & Behavior, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
2017. Lola Ellis Robertson Endowed Scholarship, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
2013. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Office for Undergraduate Research, UNC at Chapel Hill
2012. KASF-Eastern Regional Chapter Scholarship Award, Korean American Scholarship Foundation

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