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Abigail Agoglia

Title: "Assessing the adolescent and adult mPFC proteome for mechanisms of enhanced vulnerability to alcoholism"
Previous lab: Hodge
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, UNC-CH Alcohol Center



Elizabeth Andersen

Title: "Convergence of aberrant electrophysiological correlates of salience, affective processing and stress reactivity in patients with schizophrenia"
Previous lab: Belger
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Reproductive Mood Disorders, UNC-CH


Heather Decot

Title: "Dopamine-mediated alterations in brain-wide functional dynamics measured by fMRI"
Previous lab: Stuber
Current Position: Preclinical Research Coordinator Animal MRI, UNC-CH


Anel Jaramillo

Title: “Examination of cortical/thalamic-striatal circuitry in modulating sensitivity to alcohol and relapse”
Previous lab: Besheer
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Vanderbilt University



Shaili Jha

Title: "Assessing the adolescent and adult mPFC proteome for mechanisms of enhanced vulnerability to alcoholism"
Previous lab: Santelli
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, UNC-CH


Chris Mazzone

Title: "Contributions of genetically defined cell populations in the extended amygdala to emotional behavior"
Previous lab: Kash
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Cui lab, NIEHS

Sarah Schoenrock

Title: "Investigation of Collaborative Cross mice as novel models of addiction-related behavior"
Previous lab: Tarantino
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, UNC-CH



Sierra Stringfield

Title: “Nicotine enhances conditioned responding: involvement of the orbitofrontal cortex”
Previous lab: Robinson
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pittsburgh



Leah Townsend

Title: "Mouse higher visual cortical areas: exploring the effects of Autism-linked mutations”
Previous lab: Smith
Current Position: Strategy Analyst, Triangle Insights Group




Dan Albaugh

Title: "Functional connectivity of the rodent striatum"
Previous lab: Shih
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Wichmann lab, Emory University


Ryan Annis

Title: “Restriction of Apoptosis in Mature Neurons by Multiple Redundant Brakes”
Previous lab: Deshmukh
Current Position: Transitioning to a new position

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Jane Hartung

Title:Distinct mechanisms underlie the onset and maintenance of pain linked to catecholamine dysregulation
Previous lab: Nackley
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pittsburgh

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Ayumi Nakamura

Title: "Molecular mechanisms in the developing and maturing brain: A tale of two cities”
Previous lab: Deshmukh
Current Position: UNC-CH Medical Student

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Bomi Oladosu

Title: "Elucidating the role of MOR-1K in opioid-induced hyperalgesia"
Previous lab: Nackley
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Hellman lab, Northshore University Health System

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Kristin Sellers

Title: “State-dependent cortical network dynamics”
Previous lab: Frohlich
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Chang lab, University of California at San Francisco

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Mariko Weber

Title: "Cognitive control and affective processing dysregulation in veterans with comorbid PTSD and mTBI: an fMRI study”
Previous lab: Belger
Current Position: Scientific Associate, Grey Healthcare Group

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Cortney Winkle

Title: "Staying TRIM: How TRIM9 constrains neuronal cell morphology to regulate connectivity”
Previous lab: Gupton
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Kipnis lab, University of Virginia

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Kenton Woodard 

Kenton Woodard

Title: "Designing better viral vectors for neuroscience applications: The use of Adeno-associated virus for retinal gene transfer”
Previous lab: Samulski
Current Position: Postdoctoral lab, Neurology, UNC-CH

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Janet Berrios

Title: "Maternal Ube3a is required for neurotypical motivational drive"
Previous lab: Philpot
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Choi lab, MIT

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Nikki Crowley (Capik)

Title: "Kappa opioid receptor modulation of neurotransmission in the amygdala"
Previous lab: Kash
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Luscher lab, Penn State

  Link to thesis


Katharine Liang  

Title: "Intravitreal AAV-mediated expression of Nrf2 promotes retinal recovery after light-induced retinal damage in mice"
Previous lab: Samulski
Current Position: UNC-CH Medical Student

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Joe Shaffer 

Title:  "Functional MRI correlates of schizophrenia negative symptoms during auditory oddball task and resting state"
Previous lab: Belger
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Iowa

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 Williams K

Kimberly Williams

Title: "Neurotrophin-chemokine receptor interactions on macrophages regulate HIV neuropathogenesis"
Previous lab: Meeker
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Jordan-Sciutto lab, University of Pennsylvania

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Dan Bonder

Title: "Astrocytic Gq-GPCR-linked IP3R-dependent Ca2+ signaling does not mediate neurovascular coupling in mouse visual cortex in vivo"
Previous lab: McCarthy
Current Position: Adjunct Instructor, Kean University

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Rebecca Fanelli 

Title: "Activation of dorsal striatum by alcohol and habit: reversal with dopamine pharmacology"
Previous lab: Robinson
Current Position:  Senior Country Approval Specialist, PPD Pharmaceuticals

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Josh Jennings

Title: "Neural circuit dynamics and function of complex behavioral states"  
Previous lab: Stuber
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Deisseroth Lab, Stanford University

  Link to thesis



Alice Stamatakis

Title: "Delineating midbrain circuits underlying motivated behaviors"    
Previous lab: Stuber 
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Inscopix

  Link to thesis


Amelia Bachleda

Title: "SOX2 is essential for the maturation and maintenance of retinal müller glia"
Previous lab: Pevny, Weiss, Anton 
Current Position: Outreach and Education Team Specialist, University of Washington's Institute for Learning and Brain Science

  Link to thesis


Corey Cusack

Title: "The molecular intersection between axon-specific pruning and neuronal apoptosis"
Previous lab: Deshmukh
Current Position: Assistant Medical Director, The Access Group

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Elyse Dankoski

Title: "Dynamic modulation of in vivo serotonin signaling: neurochemical responses to acute and chronic SSRI treatment" 
Previous lab: Wightman
Current Position: Assistant Science Editor, The Journal of Clinical Investigation

  Link to thesis


Amanda Lyall

Title: "Trajectories of early cortical development in healthy and at-risk children" 
Previous lab: Gilmore
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Kubicki lab, Psychiatry Department, Harvard Medical School

  Link to thesis


Megan Morgan-Smith

Title: “GSK-3 regulation of neuronal migration and morphogenesis in the developing cortex”
Previous lab: Snider
Current Position: Project Specialist II, INC Research

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J. Elliott Robinson

Title: "A better buzz? Bidirectional effects of the OPRM1 A118G polymorphism on opioid and alcohol reward"
Previous lab: Malanga
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Gradinaru lab, CalTech

  Link to thesis

Sarah Sinnett 

Title: "Identification of novel molecules that bind and regulate AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)" 
Previous lab: Brenman
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Gray Lab, UNC-CH

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Chris Smith

Title: "Neurocognitive investigation of immediate reward selection bias, a putative intermediate phenotype for alcohol use disorders"
Previous lab: Boettiger
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Zald Lab, Vanderbilt University 

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Audrey Verde

Title: “Structural abnormalities within the episodic prospection and decision making circuitry in cigarette smokers: a DTI and sMRI analysis” 
Previous lab: Boettiger and Styner
Current Position: UNC-CH Medical Student

  Link to thesis


Michael Wallace

Title: "Circuit and neuron type-specific roles for Ube3a in the visual cortex"
Previous lab: Philpot
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Sabatini lab, Harvard Medical School

  Link to thesis



Rebecca Balter

Title: Access to running wheels attenuates spontaneous morphine withdrawal in mice, as measured by thermal sensitivity
Previous lab: Dykstra
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Psychiatry, Columbia University

  Link to thesis


Luke Campagnola

Title: "Real-time dynamic clamp analysis of synaptic integration in VCN bushy cells"
Previous Lab: Manis

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Manis Lab, UNC-CH

  Link to thesis


Reggie Cannady

Title: "Alcohol self-administration and relapse-like behavior: a functional role for enhanced activity at AMPA receptors"
Previous Lab: Hodge
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Medical University of South Carolina, Columbia

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Katie Cleary

Title: Neurobiology of sensory deviance: using EEG to measure visual and auditory mismatch negativity in children with autism
Previous Lab: Belger
Current Position: Swimming Coach, PhD Swim School, Durham

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Jason Cook

Title: "Ethanol alters the GABAergic neuroactive steroid allopregnanolone at local brain sites: increases in the ventral tegmental area"
Previous Lab: Morrow
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Morikawa lab, University of Texas Austin

  Link to thesis


Thomas Jarrett

Title: "Role of rodent vocalizations in cocaine induced maternal neglect"                             
Previous Lab: Johns
Current Position: 
Resident Physician, University Hospitals of Cleveland

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Beth Knight

Title: “Immune molecules regulate medulloblastoma and neuronal apoptosis”
Previous Lab: Deshmukh

Current Position:  Neuroscientist; Science Writer and Communicator

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Lee Langer

Title: "The role of Sox2 in the development of the optic cup, hypothalamus, and the secondary palate"
Previous Lab: Pevny
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Chromatin and Gene Expression Group, NIEHS

  Link to thesis


Chia Li

Title: Modulation of periaqueductal gray dopamine neurons and their potential roles in addiction-related behaviors
Previous Lab: Kash
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, NIH

  Link to thesis


Thorfinn Riday

Title: "Cortical experience-dependent plasticity and mesostriatal dopaminergic dysfunction in a mouse model of Angelman Syndrome"
Previous Lab: Philpot
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Agulhon Lab, University of Paris

  Link to thesis


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Kevin Blauth Postdoctoral fellow, Gilden Lab, University of Colorado Boulder
Elizabeth Buttermore

Postdoctoral fellow,  Boston Children's Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Jaeda Coutinho-Budd Postdoctoral fellow, UMass Medical
Elizabeth Lippard Cox Postdoctoral fellow, Yale University
Alex Raines

Resident Physician, Brown University

Sarah Taves Whitely

STAR Postdoctoral fellow, Novo Nordisk

Buddy Whitman Global Distributor Manager, Enzo Life Sciences


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Kimberly Carpenter Postdoctoral Associate, Duke University
Amanda Jacob Research Scientist, Max Planck Florida Institute
Michael Salling Postdoctoral Scientist, Columbia University
Sarah Williams Postdoctoral fellow, NIMH


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Sean Barron Patent Examiner, United States Patent and Trademark Office
Leon Coleman Research Associate fellow, UNC-CH
Maile Henson

Research Development Associate, Duke University

Jeremy Petravicz Research Scientist, Sur lab, MIT
Jacqueline Powell

Clinical Research Scientist, Impact Pharmaceutical Services

Nate Sowa Medical doctor, Psychiatry, UNC-CH
Marina Spanos Postdoctoral Coordinator for SOARS-B Trial at ASPIRE, Duke University
Stephanie Stagg Research Associate, Duke University 
Natalia Surzenko Research Scientist, UNC Nutrition Research Institute


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Manna Beyene Technology Transfer Specialist, NIH
Rebekah Corlew

Project Director, Mass Media Fellowship, AAAS

Scott Hutton

Postdoctoral fellow, Snider lab, UNC-CH

Jennifer Thomson

Assistant Professor, Biopsychology, Messiah College

Tiffany Wills

Assistant Professor, Cell Biology & Anatomy, LSU


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Lauren Anderson

Research Development Project Manager, Surgery, Duke University

Dante Bortone Project Scientist, Howard Hughes, UCSD
Stacey Foti Herzer
Postdoctoral fellow, Roskams lab, University of British Columbia
Ashton Powell Biology Instructor, North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics
Amelia Stanco Scientist, EntroGen
Jennifer Stevenson Assistant Professor, Psychology, Bucknell University
Rebekah Stevenson Visiting Assistant Professor, Biology, Bucknell University
Lorelei Taylor stay-at-home mother


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Jingjun Li Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline R&D, Shanghai City, China
Samuel Wolff Research Specialist, UNC-CH


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
German Garcia-Fresco Director, Adaptive Neuroscience Research Institute
Sophia Papadeas CEO, Elaion
Krystle Strand Associate Professor, Biology, Concordia College
Olena Taranova Postdoctoral Research Associate, UNC-CH
Kevin Wright

Assistant Professor, OHSU


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Heather Baudet Owner, HD Creative Design
Rebekah Fleming Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University
Samantha Gizerian Clinical Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Julie McLear Friot Professor, Biology, Hudson Valley Community College
Sheila Plant Regulatory Scientist, CATO Research
Garret Stuber

Director, Neurobiology Curriculum, Professor, Psychiatry, UNC-CH


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Curtis Balmer Principal Science Writer, Bluegroove Communications
Gloria Haskell Stay-at-home mother
Michael Howell Medical Writer, Meridius Health Communications
Ellen McHugh Stay-at-home mother
Karen Neitzel Luley
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Intern, Tulsa Center for Child Psychology


NameCurrent Affiliation (updated June 2016)
Elaine Gay Research Pharmacologist, RTI International
Amy Jassen Turncliff Independent Consultant, CNS Therapeutic Areas
Stephen Snowdy Owner, Ansley Venture Consulting
Michele Wing Graduate Research Associate, Ohio State University