Flavio Frohlich, PhD

Flavio Frohlich

Associate Professor

Research Description

Flavio received a degree in electrical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, an International Diploma in electrical engineering at the Imperial College in London, and his PhD in computational neurobiology at UC San Diego. He did a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University studying cortical network activity. Flavio’s goal is to revolutionize how we treat psychiatric illnesses. His vision is that understanding brain network activity will enable the development of novel non-invasive brain stimulation paradigms. Flavio is convinced that such rational design of neurotherapeutics will open the door for individualized, highly effective brain stimulation in psychiatry. Flavio is passionate about combining different methodological approaches to scientific problems and is a pioneer in the field of network neuroscience. His research integrates neurobiology, engineering, and medicine. The Frohlich Lab (1) performs computer modeling, (2) combines electrophysiology, imaging, brain stimulation, and behavioral assays in animal models, (3) records and modulates human brain activity, and (4) studies new treatments in randomized controlled clinical trials.

 Flavio has received funding for his research from the National Institute of Mental Health, the Brain Behavior Foundation, the Human Frontier Science Program, the Foundation of Hope, and Tal Medical. Flavio is the author of the textbook Network Neuroscience, frequently talks about his work at invited meetings and seminars, and has been recognized by numerous awards, including the 2013 NIMH Award for Innovative New Scientists in Biobehavioral Research and a 2014 NARSAD Independent Investigator Award. Flavio is also the founder and chief scientific officer of Pulvinar Neuro LLC, a company that provides cutting-edge neurotechnology to brain researchers.


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