Tae-Yon Eom



In 2009, I completed my graduate work in the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Medicine under the mentorship of Dr. Richard S. Jope. After my graduate work, I joined Dr. Eva Anton’s laboratory, UNC Neuroscience Center. Outside the lab, I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and running.  I also look forward to participating in the Tar Heel 10K every year. 


Currently, my researches focus on understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate distinct aspects of neural development and circuit formation in the brain and delineate its relevance for neurological and psychiatric disorders.  I have been extensively studying the functions of the polarity-related proteins, GSK3, Cdc42, and Adenomatous Polyopsis Coli (APC), in cortical progenitor and neuronal development in the cerebral cortex. 




Postdoctoral Research Excellence Award
Helen Lyng White Fellowship