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Garret Stuber, PhD, Receives NIH Merit Award
Garret Stuber, PhD, received an NIH Merit Award for his NIH grant to study midbrain neural circuits that orchestrate cue-reward associations. Merit awards provide long-term, stable support to investigators whose research competence and productivity are distinctly superior and who are likely to continue to perform in an outstanding manner. This grant, which is funded by NIDA, provides stable support for this project for 10 years. Sep 29, 2017
Taylor Lab Publishes in Nature Communications
Anne Marion Taylor’s lab publishes in Nature Communications on the cellular mechanisms of circuit remodeling following axon damage in the mammalian central nervous system. Sep 27, 2017
Faulty cell signaling derails cerebral cortex development, could it lead to autism?
Anton Lab Researchers pinpoint signaling problems in the progenitor cells crucial for proper neuron generation and organization. Sep 21, 2017
UNC named NIH Autism Center of Excellence for third time
As part of a five-year, $7.5 million award, UNC researchers led by Joseph Piven, MD, will follow up on innovative imaging studies to create interventions to help children with autism. Sep 19, 2017
NIH grant to help UNC researchers explore microRNA as route to Alzheimer’s therapy
The National Institute on Aging awarded a $2.6-million, five-year grant to UNC’s Mohanish Deshmukh’s lab to explore miR-29, a key molecule that helps mature brain cells avoid death. Sep 14, 2017