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Anne Marion Taylor Recieves American Heart Association Grant
Anne Marion Taylor’s lab receives an American Heart Association grant to further their research investigating how axon damage causes synaptic remodeling following stroke Jun 22, 2017
Joseph Piven Publishes in Science Translational Medicine on Early Detection of Autism
"In a new study, Emerson et al. show that brain function in infancy can be used to accurately predict which high-risk infants will later receive an autism diagnosis...These findings must be replicated, but they represent an important step toward the early identification of individuals with autism before its characteristic symptoms develop." (http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/9/393/eaag2882) Jun 07, 2017
Timothy Gershon, MD, PhD Continues to Seek Strategy for Starving Brain Tumors
In the journal Cancer Research, UNC Lineberger researchers led by Neuroscience Center member Timothy R. Gershon, MD, PhD, report in the latest in a series of attempts to shut down the energy production machinery in medulloblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor in children. The findings may help researchers identify a suitable therapeutic target within the sugar metabolism pathway, and provide clues to a scientific mystery surrounding the confounding way that some cancer cells get energy from sugar. Jun 01, 2017
Brotherly Love, No Matter What
UNC undergraduate Austin Ludwig works at the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities to play a role in autism research he hopes will help millions of people, perhaps even his younger brother. Apr 28, 2017
Researchers Find Molecular Trigger for Brain Inflammation
UNC School of Medicine research findings could lead to new drug targets for treating multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. Apr 27, 2017