Medical Student Education & Opportunities

The Department of Neurosurgery has many opportunities for interested medical students. One rotation focuses on third-year medical students as an option during the surgery clerkship. Opportunities also exist for fourth-year medical students who are considering or pursuing a career in neurosurgery.

Third-Year Medical Students

The third-year rotation serves as a general introduction to neurosurgery in which students take part in rounds, follow patients, participate in clinic and in the operating room. Our residents and faculty are eager to teach and provide the students with multiple small didactic lectures on general neurosurgical topics. This two-week rotation is an option during the elective portion of the required eight-week surgery clerkship. Contact Stacey Owen by E-mail or phone (919) 966-4781 with any questions.

Fourth-Year Medical Students

The neurosurgery Acting Internship and Advanced Practice Selective both allow interested students to participate at a higher level than the experience offered in the third-year rotation. These are four-week rotations that are strongly encouraged for any fourth-year medical student interested in pursuing a neurosurgical residency. Students on this rotation are fully integrated into the resident patient care team and are active in all aspects of the clinical service. Each student will be expected to prepare a short presentation on a topic of his/her choice that will be presented at grand rounds. We welcome both UNC and visiting medical students. Contact Julie Seger by e-mail  or phone (919) 966-7804 with any questions.

Visiting Medical Students

Students from other medical schools interested in an acting internship may contact Julie Seger by e-mail or phone (919) 966-7804 for more information. You may also visit the School of Medicine website. Applications can be submitted to the UNC Department of Neurosurgery via Julie Seger. A simultaneous VSAS application is required.

Medical Student Interest Group 

Medical students of all levels who are considering a career in Neurosurgery are encouraged to join the UNC Neurosurgery Interest Group. This is a student-run group which offers educational meetings, shadowing and research opportunities, community service, and other valuable services for those pursuing the field. Dr. Deanna Sasaki-Adams and Dr. Eldad Hadar serve as the group's faculty advisors, and several of our residents serve as liaisons to the group and assist with its activities. Joining early in medical school is encouraged for interested students to take full advantage of the group's offerings for research and shadowing, but all students are welcome. The neurosurgery interest group is a AANS chapter, affording it medical student journal clubs, student resident mentorship dinners, and attendance to AANS meetings.