Bullitt and Sasaki-Adams Honored with Resident Achievement Award

June 19, 2010 -- June marked the inaugural presentation of the Elizabeth Bullitt Neurosurgery Resident Career Achievement Award. Named to recognize Dr. Bullitt’s outstanding contributions to Neurosurgery, it was presented to departing chief resident, Dr. Deanna Sasaki-Adams.

The coming year will mark the final year on the faculty for Dr. Elizabeth Bullitt. Dr. Bullitt joined our faculty in 1984. She was a busy clinical neurosurgeon with a strong interest in pain and functional neurosurgery. Her career transitioned more and more into research and she found herself to be a heavily NIH funded investigator, working in the intersecting fields of neurosurgery, radiology and computer science. Dr. Bullitt thrived in her second career as a highly respected investigator and thought leader in this area. In May 2011, she will retire with our very best wishes and congratulations for an outstanding academic career. Dr. Bullitt, more than anyone in recent memory, has taken advantage of the rich academic environment at UNC. She pulled together collaborative teams to look into vessel tortuosity and its ability to predict tumor response, tumor malignancy and other important variables. This is innovative and ground breaking work done in the typical UNC fashion of collaborative research. The goal of this award is to recognize residents who have found ways within this rich environment to advance their own career objectives.

We are pleased to honor Dr. Deanna Sasaki-Adams as our first winner. Deanna used her elective time to pursue advanced training at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. In addition to her own study and education she brought many of these exciting, new ideas back to neurosurgery where she created an educational curriculum through our grand rounds to share this knowledge. This advanced study will certainly help her in her promising career, but also improved the experience of all of our residents and other faculty. We are grateful to Dr. Sasaki-Adams for her outstanding work and congratulate her as the first winner of the Elizabeth Bullitt Resident Career Achievement Award. The award comes with $500 to the UNC Health Affairs Bookstore to further advance her educational goals. Congratulations to both Dr. Bullitt and Dr. Sasaki-Adams.