DEPARTMENT of Neurosurgery

July 1, 2010 -- Message from Dr. Matthew Ewend: Take note of the date, July 1st, 2010 - the first day for the new Department of Neurosurgery, with numerous people to thank for their help in making this possible.

The Department thanks Dr. Anthony Meyer, Chairman of the Department of Surgery, who has been an advocate and strong supporter of Neurosurgery’s elevation to departmental status. While many of these moves at other institutions represent coup d’etat or a divorce of Neurosurgery from Surgery, ours has been a smooth transition graciously supported by Dr. Meyer and his outstanding group in the Department of Surgery. We are grateful to Dr. Meyer and Dr. Sheldon and our many friends in General Surgery for their support, partnership and collegiality through the past 56 years that we have worked together. We look forward to continuing this strong partnership in the years to come.