Germanwala Featured on ABC's Good Morning America

July 27, 2010 -- Today, 17-month-old Jessiah Jackson is a miraculous bundle of energy. On July 17, the toddler fell from his family's porch onto a power washer, and a metal L-shaped rod punctured the back of his skull and became lodged two inches into his brain.

Fortunately for Jessiah, the care he received from that point forward was precisely what was needed to ensure the best possible outcome: from onsite family members, neighbors, the staff at Cape Fear Hospital in Wilmington, and finally, Dr. Anand Germanwala at UNC Hospitals, where Jessiah was air-lifted. Dr. Germanwala, Chief of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery, was able to surgically remove the metal hook in a very delicate and deliberate procedure. Results at this point are extraordinary – aside from incredulous and doting family members, Jessiah appears entirely unscathed from the experience. Additional stories on Good Morning America and The News and Observer.