Good News for the Week

February 1, 2013 -- Infection Rates Decreased; Neurosurgery Team Visits Middle School; Dr. Elton Making Great Strides; First Surgical Skills Lab Training Session

Infection Rates Decreased:

The UNC Department of Neurosurgery’s infection rates for surgical procedures have decreased in 2012.  The infection rate for craniotomies decreased from 3.64 in 2011 to 0.40 last year, and ventricular shunts improved from 4.11 to 2.43. The Department identified this as a key area for improvement.

(Rates are from the The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), an Internet-based system that collects data from a sample of healthcare facilities nationwide and managed by the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at the CDC.  The data collected is analyzed and reported to provide an estimate of adverse events among patients and healthcare personnel and an estimate of the adherence to practices known to be associated with prevention of these adverse events.)

NHSN 2012 Rates


Neurosurgery Team Visits Middle School:

Dr. Eldad Hadar, Dr. Jason Blatt, and Dr. Carolyn Quinsey, along with 11 medical students, visited science students at Phillips Middle School and presented on the brain and brain surgery.  Robert Bedell, a Science Teacher at the school, said that the Neurosurgery troop was “great with the students, filling them with information and a hunger for more.”  The presentation was a huge success which left the class full of amazement and eagerness to share their experience with fellow students.  They are already looking forward to next year’s visit.

Dr. Jason Blatt at Middle School January 2013
Dr. Jason Blatt with some students from Phillips Middle School


Dr. Elton Making Great Strides:

The Pediatric Neurosurgery team, with Dr. Scott Elton at the helm, is making great strides in a hurry.  The in utero myelomeningocele program is busy and has four cases scheduled for February.


First Surgical Skills Lab Training Session:

This week the Department held its first training session as a group in the Surgical Skills Lab.  The procedures performed were vessel-sewing and bone-drilling.   Thanks to Dr. Deanna Sasaki-Adams and the residents for getting the program rolling.