Personnel at NGRRC UNC

Director: R. Balfour Sartor, M.D., Midgette Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, brings over 20 years of internationally recognized scientific research with genetically engineered gnotobiotic rats and mice. He has performed innovative studies demonstrating that a subset of commensal luminal bacteria induce chronic, immune-mediated inflammation in genetically susceptible rats and mice and stimulate protective mucosal and systemic immune responses in normal hosts. In addition he has demonstrated both host and bacterial strain-specific responses in experimental colitis, regulation of host genes by enteric bacterial colonization and regulation of enteric bacterial genes by the host’s inflammatory response.

Technical Director: Maureen Bower, RLATg, brings a cumulative 19 years of experience as Facilities Supervisor, then Facilities Manager of the Taconic Rodent Production Unit, a large commercial rodent supplier and gnotobiotic unit. She has been Technical Director of the GNRRC since 2002. Ms. Bower is responsible for routine facility operations, equipment maintenance, quality control, record keeping for all breeding units, organizing germ-free derivations and scheduling all experiments. She supervises five Laboratory Animal Technicians III, Cynthia Spivey, Miriam Vizcaya, and Jamison Cameron, Robert Toennison and Kim Liu who perform daily isolator maintenance. She is also responsible for training outside personnel in gnotobiotic protocols.

Derivation Specialist: Fengling Li  performs transplantation, culture, and cryopreservation. She developed her skills and proformance of procedures at NGRRC for SPF to gnotobiotic status by embryo transfer within the customized surgical isolator.