Welcome to the homepage for the UNC Neurosurgery Interest Group! We are happy to announce that we now have a chapter of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons- AANS here at UNC School of Medicine! We're very excited to be able to continue creating more valuable opportunities for medical students interested in Neurosurgery to learn even more about the field. In addition to the shadowing system created in conjunction with the neurosurgery department to provide exposure to the operating room, on call nights and clinic; we will also be organizing at least two journal club events for medical students interested in neurosurgery during the course of each semester. During the course of the year, there will also be several talks, and fora to be hosted by faculty members of the neurosurgery department.

We are a student-run group that strives to be a valuable resource for information regarding research opportunities, relevant meetings and conferences, as well as clinical experiences. If you're interested in pursuing neurosurgery, or are just curious about the field, contact one of our student leaders to learn more!


Sebastian Gil (sgil14@email.unc.edu) - President

Melley Fesseha (fesseha@email.unc.edu) - Vice-President

Kali Xu (kali_xu@med.unc.edu) - Treasurer and Secretary

Dr. Eldad Hadar - Faculty Advisor


The neurosurgery interest group and members of the neurosurgery department hosting Brain Day at Phillips Middle School