For successful completion of this clerkship the student must*:

(*Note: The grading requirements and percentage breakdown on this page are reflective of guidelines that apply to the 2012-2013 academic year, meaning these will be effective beginning in Block 1 which begins on July 2, 2012.)

Complete all Grading Requirements

Clinical Assessment:   40%

Clinical assessments are completed by residents, fellows and faculty who have interacted with you in a variety of settings and can attest to your knowledge, skills and/or professionalism.  Please check with your individual sites regarding details on how to collect clinical evaluations.  You must collect a required minimum of 4 evaluations, at least 1 from a faculty member.  Please check your One45 account to ensure that evaluations are being filled out for you.  Any resident, fellow or attending may complete a clinical evaluation for any student with whom they have interacted.  These optional evaluations will not be accepted 14 days after the date of the NBME exam.  **NOTE: These evaluations are graded on a numerical 1-5 scale, so you must subtract 1 from the score(s) you receive in order to convert to the 0-4 scale on which your clerkship grade is based."

OSCE:  15%

The OSCE (observed structured clinical examination) is an exercise in which students will have the opportunity to interact with standardized patients and demonstrate their clinical skills in a variety of OB/GYN focused scenarios. Further details regarding the focus of the clinical encounters will be shared with students as the date of their OSCE approaches.  Please use the text, Empathy in Women's Health Care, How to Optimally Manage, and Managing Difficult Encounters and this powerpoint presentation to help you prepare.  This OSCE will be structured similarly to OSCE's that students have previously completed during their MS1 and MS2 years as well as those that are part of other third year clerkships.

Oral Examination:   15%

The oral examination is a short exercise testing a student's competence in the areas of clinical knowledge, differential diagnosis list development, and preliminary management.  You will be presented with standardized case vignettes and asked about evaluation, differential diagnosis and management of the patient.   The exact length of the oral examination may vary among sites. You will be evaluated on your ability to analyze the data given, create a differential, order appropriate diagnostic studies and demonstrate knowledge of the pathophysiology. Chapel Hill students may use this list of topics for study.

Oral Presentation:    5%

Each student will prepare a 10-15 minute talk.  This talk may be a review of a journal article or a brief overview of a clinical topic of interest, depending on the site.  These talks will be precepted by a faculty member and will be presented to the student group.  You will be evaluated on your use of resources, knowledge base and presentation style.

NBME Exam:        20%

Since the OB/GYN Clerkship uses the National Board shelf examination at the end of our clerkship, the Program has a low-end standard cut off passing grade.  A failing grade on the exam is a percentile score below 8% in the corresponding quarter in which you take the exam.  More information about NBME raw scores, percentiles and converting to a final grade can be found here.  A brief content outline and sample questions can be found at the NBME website. Additionally, students can purchase for $20 from the NBME a self-assessment with performance report to help prepare for the shelf examination. 

Fulfilling Administrative Requirements:   5%

Students are responsible for completing all items on the administrative checklist in order to receive credit for this portion of the clerkship final grade. The administrative checklist and deadlines all have specific intentions such as: to make sure you are appropriately oriented prior to entering into patient care, to make sure you have completed the requirements of the rotation, and to make sure you have the best opportunity for timely feedback.  The deadlines also ensure adequate time for the administrative assistants and providers involved in teaching, giving feedback, and grading to complete the tasks required so you may receive feedback and your grade in a timely fashion as required by the UNC School of Medicine. Additionally, as a lifelong physician you will have various administrative requirements in order to obtain board certification, maintain your medical license, and achieve and maintain hospital privileges.  The OB/GYN department feels that taking ownership of and completing administrative responsibilities is a crucial part of professionalism for any physician.  That is why receiving a full 5% for the administrative portion of your grade is a requirement for honors.

Failure to complete ALL items will result in a value of “0” for the Administrative portion (5%) of your final grade.

Scoring Components for Assigning the Final Grade

The final grade for the course is assigned as below.  ALL parameters must be met.  The Composite score is the final calculated grade.

Final Grade
Composite grade
NBME Percentile
Oral exam
Oral presentation
Honors (H)
3.5 and up
75 or above
70% 4
High Pass (HP)
8 or above
Pass (P)
8 or above