Converting your NBME Score to a Four Point Scale Score

Your final grade is based on a 0-4 point scale.  Converting your NBME Score to this four point scale requires several steps:


1. Locate your score on the score report that you receive.

2. Locate the corresponding Percentile Rank, within the quarter in which you took the exam.*  (Quarter 1 = August-October; Quarter 2 = November - January; Quarter 3 = February - April; Quarter 4 = May-July). 

Score to Percentile conversion chart located here.

3. Using your percentile rank, locate the corresponding point value on the four point scale.  This is the score that will be used to calculate your final clerkship grade. 

Percentile Score to Four Point Scale Score conversion chart located here.

*The quarterly schedule applies to students who follow the traditional academic year schedule, beginning their third year in July.  If you follow an alternative schedule, for example beginning third year in a month other than July, contact Dr. Chuang directly to discuss how to best calculate your score.


Example Score Conversion:

1. Student M.D. receives a score of 76 after taking the exam in November (which falls in Quarter 2).

2. This score corresponds to a 60 percentile rank score.

3. A percentile score of 60, earns this student a 3.2 on the 0-4 scale.