Feedback Information

Mid-course Reviews will be based on student's individual progress in achieving the course-specific competencies and will be provided on the same parameters used in the Medical Student Evaluation Form.  The scores on the midrotation form do not count towards your final grade to ensure that you receive honest constructive feedback from which you can benefit.  Your progress on your clinical log will also be reviewed.


Direct Observation Reviews will be conducted throughout the course as students must be observed performing various components of the physical exam.  To better facilitate this process, a task card, which must be completed by the end of the clerkship, has been created.   This card outlines the elements of the physical exam that must be performed; provides space for an attending, fellow or resident to sign off on completion of these observed exams; and provides space for the observer to give the students comments and feedback on their performance.  In addition to observed physical exam components, the task card also highlights several written assignments which allow students the opportunity to practice their written communication skills and to receive feedback from an attending, fellow or resident.