Special Circumstances and Grade Appeal


Grade Appeals:
Further details regarding grade appeals policies and procedures can be found here.

Students who fail the exam and also do substandard work clinically will receive a failing grade (F) for the clerkship.  Students who do passing work clinically, but who fail the NBME will receive an incomplete grade.  Students who receive an incomplete grade will have a second opportunity to take the exam; if they pass, they will receive a grade of Condition Pass.  If they fail, they will receive a grade of Condition Fail.

Special Circumstances:
Students who are ill or experiencing other crisis events in their lives should inform the clerkship director immediately.  It is possible, in certain circumstances, to either withdraw from the clerkship or delay clinical work and/or delay taking the shelf exam until these situations resolve or improve.  These situations are reviewed on an individual basis and must be approved by the clerkship director and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.   An approved delay in completing clinical work and/or taking the examination will not affect the final grade.