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Listed are the offerings for Academic Year 2012-2013


Mountain AHEC in Asheville, NC
DIRECTOR:  Dr. Andrea Currens
CONTACT:   Nioma Lawson  (828) 771-5511

The Asheville rotation accepts at least two but no more than three students per rotation. (If there is only one student enrolled, that student will be moved to a different site.) Current staffing includes six full-time and one part-time faculty physicians, four certified nurse-midwives, two nurse practitioners and 16 residents. Students who require housing must complete an application.

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Chapel Hill

NC Women's Hospital at UNC in Chapel Hill, NC
DIRECTOR:  Dr. Alice Chuang
CONTACT: Sara Tinkham (919) 962-5166

Each of the maximum of nine students are assigned to blocks in obstetrics, gynecologic oncology, and benign gynecology and outpatient clinics. There are a variety of learning experiences with faculty, residents, fellows and midwives in various divisions.

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Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC
DIRECTOR: Dr. Susan Bliss
CONTACT: Gina Davis (704) 355-3829

Seven students may be assigned to Charlotte and scheduled to blocks of obstetrics, gynecology, and gynecologic oncology. Along with 24 full-time faculty members, the Charlotte residency program has 24 residents. Students who require housing must complete an application and provide a $50.00 refundable deposit.

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CARElina OB/GYN at Wake Medical in Raleigh, NC
DIRECTOR: Drs. Ritu Sandhu and  Angela Gantt Holliday /
CONTACT: Maria Paneto (919) 350-8535

There can be a maximum of four students at Wake for a mixed experience in obstetrics and gynecology. The residents at Wake are from the UNC program and there are 10 full time faculty members. There are no housing facilities at Wake.

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Wilmington *

(The Wilmington site is not available in Academic Year 2012-2013)

Coastal AHEC at New Hanover Regional Hospital in Wilmington, NC
DIRECTOR: Dr. Ashwin Patel
CONTACT: Linda Williams (910) 762-9093

Wilmington accepts a maximum of two students (every other block) for a combination of obstetrics and gynecology. There are six full-time faculty members and 12 residents. Students are housed in apartments adjacent to the hospital, usually two students to a room.

Download housing form here.

Southeast AHEC/ORPCE Housing Contact:  or phone: 910/343-0161 (do not call OB/GYN office)

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