Student Evaluation of Clerkship

SOM Clerkship Feedback

Clerkship feedback forms are administered to students through the Office of Medical Education (OME).  The OME will distribute these forms to students near the time of completion of a clerkship, and they are to be completed via One45.  The results of these evaluations will be summarized and shared with us in order to improve the educational experience for all students.


Internal Clerkship Survey

In addition to the standard evaluation administered through the OME, we would like to collect very specific information about our curriculum and your experience.  Please take a moment to fill out our internal survey and let us know how we're doing.  Your responses are anonymous. We recommend that you complete the survey on your own personal computer, instead of on a shared computer.  In order to allow you to re-enter the survey multiple times to edit responses but submit only one final survey, the responses are limited to only one per computer.  We thank you greatly for your time and feedback!  We will use this information to improve the clerkship experience.