Dress Code and Professional Responsibilities

As you become an integral member of the health care team, your degree of interaction with patients will often equal or even exceed that of the more senior members of your team. Accordingly, professional decorum is expected of you as well as of other team members.

You are expected to wear clean white coats and your UNC ID at all times. Men must wear shirt and tie; women should be comparably attired. You may change into scrubs in the evening on call days at the discretion of your ward team. Please change back into street clothes the following morning. Students at UNC-Chapel Hill should review the Graduate Medical Education Policy on Professional Business Attire.

On-time attendance for all rounds, conferences and other scheduled activities is expected unless patient care activities are more pressing.Most importantly, you must always interact with patients, families, staff and colleagues in a professional and caring manner. Difficulties with appropriate professional conduct can and will be reflected in your final grade.  Further information regarding Responsibilities of Medical Students can be found here